With a background of dealing in antiques for several decades, we are here to show you a wide range of Chinese antique ceramics. This website displays a small portion of our collection of the finest Chinese ceramics. We are able to find the choicest ceramics from the best sources upon your request.

What’s New

A Large White Porcelain Jar and Cover inscribed with "hanlin" mark on base, Xing ware
A Set of Twelve Steatite Teaware, Tang dynasty (618-907)
A Green-glazed Four-lobed Dish with Moulded Leaf Design, Xing ware
A Celadon Bowl with Floral and Running Water Design, Yaozhou ware
A Roman Glass Bottle Decorated with White Marble Veins
A Very Rare Bronze Incense Burner decorated with designs of foliated dragon and lion-headed handles
A Fine Yaozhou Dish with Carved Peony Design
A Rare Green Glazed Dish with Lotus Petal Design, Ru Ware

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